Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Tokyo Disney Resort announces exciting Winter programs from January 13 to March 17, 2017!

Tokyo Disney Resort announces exciting Winter programs from January 13 to March 17, 2017!

URAYASU, CHIBATokyo Disney Resort® will host a variety of special events, programs and activities at Tokyo DisneySea® Park, Tokyo Disneyland® Park, the Disney hotels, and the Disney Resort Line from January 13 through March 17, 2017. There is something for everyone to enjoy this winter season at Tokyo Disney Resort.

At Tokyo Disneyland, Guests can experience a fantastical world of snow and ice from morning to night with Anna and Elsa’s Frozen Fantasy,the special event themed to the Disney film Frozen. New this winter is Frozen Forever,a nighttime entertainment spectacular projected on the exterior of Cinderella Castle. Guests can also see Anna, Elsa and Olaf in the Frozen Fantasy Parade.And at the Castle Forecourt in front of Cinderella Castle, Anna, Elsa and Olaf will sing and dance with younger Guests in the greeting show, “Anna and Elsa’s Winter Greeting.”

At Tokyo DisneySea, the 15th Anniversary celebration that began April 15 is now reaching its climax and the Park is preparing to bring it to a close in style with Tokyo DisneySea 15thAnniversary: The Year of Wishes ― Grand Finale.For this limited time only, the Disney Friends will perform in a special version of Crystal Wishes Journeywearing new costumes that make their Crystals of Wishesshine even brighter, and the show will also feature soap bubbles that float through the sky to celebrate the Grand Finale. A nighttime performance will be added for the grand finale period and Guests will enjoy the special sparkle of crystals unique to an evening show.

Duffy, ShellieMay, Gelatoni and their made-with-love sweets are the inspiration behind this winters Sweet Duffyprogram, which features cute decorations, special merchandise and new menus, perfect for Guests to immerse themselves in the story. There will also be a photo location that recreates the scene in the story where Duffy and his friends give their handmade sweets to Mickey and Minnie. And for those seeking more thrills, Tokyo DisneySea Park will again offer a scarier version of its terrifying attraction, Tower of Terror: Level 13 “Shadow of Shiriki.

The three Disney hotels within Tokyo Disney Resort will offer room keys with designs linked to the special events held at the Parks. They will also serve special menus inspired by the special events.

The Disney Resort Line will operate a monorail train decorated for “Anna and Elsa’s Frozen Fantasy,” and for the first time, Resort Gateway Station will also feature decorations linked to this special event. Guests can also purchase day pass tickets with designs from the “Anna and Elsa’s Frozen Fantasy” special event at Tokyo Disneyland and from the “Sweet Duffy” special program at Tokyo DisneySea. In addition, day pass tickets with a limited design inspired by “Tokyo DisneySea 15th Anniversary: The Year of Wishes ― Grand Finale” will be sold.

Please see the screen captures pictures on D&M Facebook HERE for more details, as a technical issue prevents me to post them here.

Sunday, October 23, 2016

Hong Kong Disneyland Update : Iron Man Experience Stark Expo Shop Opens !

The awaited Hong Kong Disneyland Iron Man Experience attraction is not open yet but the Stark Expo shop is and i have the feeling that soft-openings for the ride itself should start in a few weeks or so. Today we'll have a closer look to the Stark Expo shop thanks to pictures released here and there on internet - special thanks to This is Mr B Facebook page - as well as videos showing the new shop.

One of the first thing that HKDL guests will see when they arrive is the sign below indicating where is what. As you'll see there is different "halls" indicated for the Iron Man Experience. Is it separate experiences or different halls part of the pre-show queue, this is what we will discover soon.

The Iron Man Experience entrance is, as you've guessed, at the end of the path between the merchandise shop and the Buzz Lightyear show building.

By the way, the Buzz Lightyear rotunda on the right and some of the column in the background have been repainted to have a better colors transition with the Iron Man Experience building now on its left.

Before entering "Iron Man Experience" itself guests will be able to discover another hall on the left  called "Iron Man Tech Showcase" and as you'll see on the visuals below it will most probably include the display of all the different Iron Man armors.

Now, let's talk about the shop itself which, again, is now open for all HKDL guests.

Right over the entrance there is a giant screen and you can see the footage on the video below posted
by Main Street Gazette.

No need to say that inside the Stark Expo shop you'll find plenty of items related not only to Iron Man but also to Marvel super-heroes.

I'm sure you'd like to have a walk-through inside the shop and here is the video of it also filmed by Main Street Gazette.

But the shop includes more than merchandise items as you'll find in it a "Become Iron Man" interactive experience similar to the one we've seen before - where a guest must follow what appear on the screen - with the addition of new footage.

The first video below filmed by Main Street Gazette shows what appears on the screen only...

...and the two next ones shows guests facing the screen trying to match what is happening on the screen in front of them. Videos filmed by Main Street Gazette and Kyo LEE.

We also have some cool night shots, the first one shows the shop entrance at night...

...and the second was taken with the camera placed between the Buzz lightyear rotunda and the Stark Expo shop on the right.

Stay tuned on Disney and more as i will let you know as soon as soft-opening have started for HKDL Iron Man Experience!

Pictures: copyright This is Mr B and others

Videos: copyright Main Street Gazette, Kyo LEE

Disneyland Paris 25th Anniversary Brochure Now Available On Line !

Disneyland Paris 2017-18 brochure for the 25th Anniversary is now available on line and you can read it HERE. The 78 pages brochure include visuals of what's coming for DLP 25th and plenty of infos about hotels and packages too!

A first visual of the new Disney Illuminations Pirates of Caribbean sequence on the castle is included in the brochure.

The next double-page shows everything coming in DLP Discoveryland related to Star Wars...

...When the one below is related to the new parade and shows.

Much more to read in the 78 pages of the brochure, so don't miss it!

Pictures: copyright Disney

Friday, October 21, 2016

Rare Pictures of Queen Sophie of Spain at Disneyland in 1958

The article with pictures of the King of Thailand and family at Disneyland in 1960 posted last week was highly popular among Thai readers and the post on the D&M Facebook page had a record of 1.600.000 Million views (!) Today, we'll stay in the royalty topics but this time it's D&M readers from Spain who should enjoy these rare pictures that i've found of the Queen Sophia of Spain on November 23, 1958 at Disneyland Anaheim! At that time she was 20 years old and Princess Sophia of Greece, as the pictures were shot before she get married with Juan Carlos in 1962.

Walt Disney was not there that day but on the picture above Princess Sophia is on the left, standing in front of  Disneyland Sleeping Beauty Castle, with DL hostess Annette Funicello, center, and Mme Mary Carolou on the right. Below, Princess Sophia ( center ) at the entrance of Disneyland with Main Street Station in the background.

On the next picture, Princess Sophia sits inside one of Main Street horse carriage.

Next stop, the Jungle Cruise and Princess Sophia sits here on the right, close to the skipper, in one of the Jungle Cruise boats.

The last picture with Princess Sophia ( second from left ) is another shot in front of Disneyland castle, well protected by two security men!

More Details About Disneyland Paris 25th Anniversary "Disney Stars on Parade"

A short Disneyland Paris update today as for technical reasons i can't succeed to post Max full update, so you'll have to jump to his site to read it HERE. However, as you may have seen in the previous DLP article announcing last Monday what is coming for the 25th Anniversary, a new parade is coming and it will be called "Disney Stars on Parade".

The parade will have seven new floats. Among them Frozen, Finding Nemo, Toy Story and one of the most impressive float will be the steampunk Maleficent dragon float - picture above. But according to Max sources two other floats of the parade will be the Lion Kind float below... well as the Peter Pan float that you see on the next image. These two pics are not officials, Max found them on Google.

Will the floats be exactly similar as they are on the pictures above, that's the question, but seven new floats will surely help to make of "Disney Stars on Parade" a brand new parade for DLP.

Pictures: copyright Disney, DR

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Rare Pictures of Walt Disney at Disneyland With His Grand Children in 1960, Columbia Dedication in 1958

During my research of the 1960 pictures of Thailand King Bhumibol Adulyadej i've found these rare pictures of Walt Disney at Disneyland with his grand children on June 12, 1960. On the picture above, Walt is inside the locomotive of the Mine Train Through Nature's Wonderland, and the caption read: "Mr. and Mrs. Walt Disney; Tammy Miller -- 3 years; Joanna Miller -- 4 years; Chris Miller -- 5 years (grandchildren); Ron Miller; Diane Miller."

Below, Walt and his grand children always in the Mine Train Through Nature's Wonderland.

On the next two pictures Walt and his grandchildren stands near the famous AA Frontierland river beavers.

I'm adding also a few others rare historical pictures showing the "Columbia" dedication at Disneyland on June 14, 1958. Caption slip reads: L/R Rear Adm. Joseph Fowler, USN (ret.), ship construction supervisor; Walt Disney; Mrs. Richmond; Vice Adm. Alfred C. Richmond, Coast Guard commandant presenting a gift Bible to ship".

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Will Val D'Europe Host the 2025 World Expo ...and Offer to Disneyland Paris Temporarily a Kind of "Epcot Park" ?

Val d'Europe - the new city close to Disneyland Paris - has applied to host the global village of the 2025 World Expo ...if the Paris bid is successful. The first of two lands offered is called the ZAC de la Motte, next to the aquatic center of Val d'Europe, both on the municipalities of Bailly-Romainvilliers and Serris. The second land is inside the ring road of Disneyland Paris, facing Magny-le-Hongre. 

"They are mainly fields, but these fields are intended to be developed," explains Arnaud Belenet Mayor LR Bailly-Romainvilliers and president of Val d'Europe. The mayor develops the reasons for the nomination. "This is to make the city even more known. We have a capacity to host major events and flows of visitors. And this can strengthen and accelerate the economic development of the territory and increase investment. " 

Only place in Seine-et-Marne to having applied to host the World Expo, Val-Europe's will compete with six other sites in the Paris areato host the global village. The chosen site will be known before summer 2017. True heart of the Expo, the global village should be visited by 45 to 60 million people. It is of course also necessary that Paris was chosen to host the World Expo. The country that will host the World Expo will be designated in 2018 by vote of the 169 members of the International Exhibitions Bureau headquartered which is Paris. 

It's interesting to note that at the center of the global village will be a huge sphere of 127m in diameter ( see artwork ). As we know an Epcot park was envisioned for DLP a long tome ago before being cancelled, so if Val D'Europe and Paris host the 2025 Expo, considering that World Expos generally always show what the future will be made of, may be DLP will have a kind of "Epcot" close to the parks, even if it will be temporarily… 

French version on Le Parisien webite HERE.